Bembridge Airport Limited

Fixed Wing

  • Microlight (1 or 2 seats) £8.00
  • 2 Seats £12.00
  • 4 Seats £18.00
  • 6 Seats & light twins £25.00
  • Overnight Parking £8.00/night (max £50.00/week).

Heavy Twins

  • Heavy twins e.g. Islander or more than 6 seats e.g. PC12 £50.00
  • Overnight Parking £15.00/night (max £90.00/week)


  • 2 Seats £12.00
  • 4 Seats £18.00
  • More than 4 seats £25.00
  • Overnight Parking £8.00p/night (max £50.00p/week)

Touch & Go’s

  • Touch & Go – ALL  £5.00


  • Payment must be made either in cash or BACS. BACS details are provided below and at the Payment Point (payment method must be recorded on the envelope) :-

    Please use aircraft registration as reference.

  • Online Payment – Coming soon

Booking in and Payment

Visiting pilots should make their way to the Bembridge Radio Control Point (“C”) on the south side of the main runway for payment of landing fees.

Please do not walk across the runway!

If outside the published operating hours or if the Control Point is closed, please fill in the pre-printed envelope and post in the VGC letter box located in the passageway to the right hand side of the 4 bladed prop on the wall of the Propeller Inn.

During opening hours the pub will also accept the landing fee.